• Did you know

    1 in  7 IT companies have not reported data breaches or losses to outside government agencies

  • Did you know

    9% of businesses report that they have received phishing emails asking for data…

  • Did you know

    13% of businesses report that they have detected unauthorised outsiders…

  • Did you know

    84% of businesses report that they are heavily dependent upon their IT systems…

  • Did you know

    12% of businesses report serious misuse of data by their staff…

  • Did you know

    45% of businesses report six serious security incidents in the year…

  • Did you know

    11% of businesses report a serious hacking attack to break into their website…

  • Did you know?

    4% of businesses report a serious penetration of their website…

Is it time to get your website insured?

Nowadays, over 93% of all businesses have a corporate website. Even more important, there are over 500,000 businesses in the UK who are heavily dependent upon e-commerce for their trading and this is growing at a staggering 16% per annum.

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