About us

The business was started in 2010  by our group experts in corporate websites and e-commerce. These experts have worked in every aspect of the industry – from designing websites to Internet marketing, from e-commerce strategy to IT security.

Our business comes from a real need. When talking to insurance brokers on behalf of our website industry clients we found they had very little knowledge of websites and e-commerce so their insurance cover was ‘one size fits all’. Their attitude was – it may fit your need or it may not! We aim to change all this.

We set up our business to offer expert advice and services. Not just on cyber-liability and E commerce insurance but also on technical and legal security. For example, when your insurance policy covers first party risks, it is mainly covering risks in your technical security and when your policy covers third party risks, it is mainly covering risks in your legal security. In other words to get the best and most cost-effective insurance cover you need to understand the technical and legal risks that you face.

Website Security Services Ltd
Unit 15 Carlton business centre station road

Phone: 020 7873 2499
Email: info@websiteinsurance.co.uk

FSA compliance: Website Security Services Ltd is an appointed representative of TEn Insurance Services Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, registered number 537481. Website Security Services Ltd, a private limited company registered at Companies House, number 0722757