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    6% of businesses report that they have suffered a confidentiality breach…

  • Did you know

    9% of businesses report that they have received phishing emails asking for data…

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    45% of businesses report that security incidents costs up to £120,000 per year…

Services to brokers

Cyber-liability insurance is a specialist market. To get the right cover at the most cost effective price requires knowledge of corporate website technologies, Internet technologies and e-commerce trading. This is where our expertise and skill lies.

You can use our expertise and skills for the benefit of your clients. If you are a UK insurance broker offering insurance to business clients then you are welcome to discuss your clients’ cyber-liability needs with us. The process is quick and easy.

Introduce your client to us and we will provide them with the same high quality service we provide for all our clients – this is guaranteed. We review their needs and make recommendations and provide a quotation. If the insurance business is placed then you, as the introducing broker, will receive an introduction fee for the first placing and duration of the business. We will look after all the paperwork.

For more information please ring 020 7873 2499