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    6% of businesses report that they have suffered a confidentiality breach…

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    9% of businesses report that they have received phishing emails asking for data…

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    45% of businesses report that security incidents costs up to £120,000 per year…

  1. The dangers online businesses face while they are uninsured

    By livi on 29th Jul 2011 | No Comments

    If there was ever a time to invest in cyber security, now would be that time. With the ever increasing power of the internet on our lives, more and more businesses are taking to the cyber world to promote and sell their products to consumers. As the control of the internet increases, so does the […]

  2. Website owners need to get serious about cyber attacks

    By livi on 16th Jul 2011 | No Comments

    As if worrying about the economic climate wasn’t enough for website owners, according to a new study, small businesses are expected to be a growing target for cyber-attacks.  There has been significant growth in the available “attack toolkits” easily accessible online, making it easy for anyone to create computer attacks or a malicious website. Read […]

  3. The Cost of Data Breaches

    By livi on 5th Jul 2011 | No Comments

    There are frequent reports of data breaches associated to the disappearance of company data.Safety violations, in which businesses fail to secure the data in their care due to intent or negligence, are set to have costs spiralling according to a new report. Click here to read the full story