Our legal security services

Our legal security services are designed to audit and then correct any legal flaws in your website operations and content. Generally, an insecure operation faces very high commercial risks and this will impact upon your ability to obtain insurance cover and the extent and cost of that cover.

The security risks audited are:

  • Your exposure in contract and consumer law
  • Your expose in jurisdictions of trading
  • Your exposure to general regulations and laws
  • Your exposure to IP infringements and domain name rights
  • Your exposure to defamation, libel and falsehoods
  • Your exposure to discrimination and harassment
  • Your exposure to data protection infringements
  • Your exposure to confidence and privacy infringements
  • Your exposure to innocent transmission of data

Generally, legal security audits begin with a telephone review of your circumstances and offsite review of your website. These are designed to give an overview of your exposure. This is followed by an onsite review and security report with recommendations and a plan for security improvements.

All security audits are conducted by expert and legally trained professionals. If you have any queries or need advice then please ring 020 7873 2499