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    6% of businesses report that they have suffered a confidentiality breach…

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    9% of businesses report that they have received phishing emails asking for data…

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    45% of businesses report that security incidents costs up to £120,000 per year…

  1. Websiteinsurance’s ~Cyber Alerts Newsletter 36

    By neil on 9th Dec 2011 | No Comments

    Security: EC proposing large fines for data breaches

    The European Commission is pushing for the power to fine businesses up to 5% of annual turnover for breaches of privacy rules, according to a draft of the Data Protection Directive. A v3 report notes that documents suggest that the proposals will also impose mandatory notifications for all companies within 24 hours of any data breach, as the institution looks to strengthen citizens’ privacy.

    Full v3 report

    Copyright: Swiss say personal downloads to remain legal

    The Swiss government has ruled that downloading pirated copies of films, music and video games for personal use will remain legal because it is not detrimental to copyright owners, reports The Register. Last year, the Swiss Senate ordered an investigation into the impact downloading may have on society, in case further legislation was required on the matter.

    Full report in The Register

    Security: Hack attacks strike Russian political sites

    A series of alleged hack attacks have struck political sites in Russia during the country’s parliamentary elections, reports BBC News. Radio stations, election monitors and newspapers said they came under sustained attack. The sites’ owners said they were bombarded with data in an attempt to overwhelm their computers and knock them offline.

    Full BBC News report

    Security: Stolen credit card details ‘donated’ to the poor

    Online collective Anonymous has teamed up with hacker group TeaMp0isoN on its latest campaign, OpRobinHood; using stolen credit card details to ‘donate’ to the ‘99%’. Finextra reports that the campaign is presented as an extension of the Occupy movement that will ‘turn the tables on the banks’.

    Full Finextra report

    Litigation: Apple loses bid to ban Samsung devices in the US

    Apple has lost an attempt to have a number of Samsung devices banned from sale in the US. According to a v3 report, this was after a judge ruled against the iPhone manufacturer at a preliminary hearing. Apple’s request for an injunction was based on four alleged infringements covering design and technology.

    Full v3 report