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    6% of businesses report that they have suffered a confidentiality breach…

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    9% of businesses report that they have received phishing emails asking for data…

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    45% of businesses report that security incidents costs up to £120,000 per year…

  1. What is Cyber Insurance?

    By livi on 12th Nov 2011 | No Comments

    With the internet comes a multitude of potential business for companies and individuals all over the world. However, with technology as it is today there is so much personal information and files that are being sent back and forth that makes it easy for hackers to find information and cause serious damage. Statistics show that many organizations have had some type of run in with a breach in website security, and because of this many have lost tens of thousands of dollars. Cyber insurance was created to stop the hackers in their tracks, and help individuals and organizations alike to feel secure and save money in the long run.

    What is Cyber Insurance