Do you have a Secure Website?

Our technical security services are designed to audit and then fix any technical flaws in your website and supporting IT systems. Generally, an insecure operation faces very high commercial risks and this will impact upon your ability to obtain insurance cover and the extent and cost of that cover.

WI- Website vulnerability scanning

Our Web application scanner protects applications and servers from hackers. It is an automated security service that searches for software vulnerabilities within web applications. A web application scanner crawls the entire website, analyzing each & every file in-depth, assessing the entire website structure. A vulnerability assessment scan performs an automatic audit for common security vulnerabilities while launching a series of simulated web attacks.  Click here for more info

WI- Ecommerce merchant chargeback protection

Techniques used in online card-not-present fraud are becoming more and more sophisticated. Traditional fraud screening tools can only determine if a credit card is legitimate or if the user-entered account information matches those on record. Today, fraudsters can obtain personal credit card information, pose as the legitimate card holder, and bypass standard fraud checks.

WI – Website and Server uptime monitor

Any website owner will know that you cannot leave your website availability to chance, more so in today’s internet economy where most businesses depend on their websites for revenue. The effects of website downtime has already been well chronicled. Site downtime leads to revenue losses, both directly and indirectly, and it could adversely affect your company’s reputation as well.

Some of your website risks we look to address

  • The risk of physical damage to your website operations
  • The risk of loss of data, programs, software
  • The frequency and extent of denial of service attacks
  • The frequency and extent of virus attacks
  • The frequency and extent of hacking and site penetration
  • The risk of website hijacking, threats and/or extortion
  • The risk of website IP rights infringement
  • The risk of domain name rights infringement
  • The extent of credit card fraud, charge backs and phishing
  • The risk of fidelity and fraud by employees
  • The risk of sabotage and employee attacks

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