website vulnerability scanning

Our Web application scanner protects applications and servers from hackers. It is an automated security service that searches for software vulnerabilities within web applications. A web application scanner crawls the entire website, analyzing each & every file in-depth, assessing the entire website structure. A vulnerability assessment scan performs an automatic audit for common security vulnerabilities while launching a series of simulated web attacks. 

When a WI-Website Vulnerability scan detects a vulnerability in a website, a Low, Medium, or High severity trouble ticket is automatically created. This ticket contains a description of the threat, the impact to the website, and a suggested solution. The specific scan results may also be viewed, to analyze the vulnerable code detected by WI-Website Vulnerability Scanning.

Hands-Free Support

WI-Website Vulnerability Scanning backs up trouble tickets and alerts with a highly-trained staff of technical professionals to provide you with support when you need it. Our support staff not only informs you of the specific areas needing to be patched, but, when it comes to high-risk, high priority tickets, will also walk you through the steps necessary to make your websites safe again.

Manage Multiple Sites

WI-Website Vulnerability Scanning is a complete security solution whether you have one site, 10 sites, or more. Each website can be uniquely customized with its own alerts, scan types, and notifications, depending on your needs.

Blacklist Monitor

WI-Website Vulnerability Scanning features one of the largest blacklist databases in the industry, pooling data from browser blacklists, and search engine blacklist databases. If your website is placed on a blacklist, you will receive instant notification. Our support staff will provide assistance and advice to get your site off the blacklist, and keep it off hands-free.

Website Availability

Don’t be the last to learn that your website is down. WI-Website Vulnerability Scanning includes active monitoring of your websites, so if one becomes inactive, you will be immediately notified via the methods chosen in the users section. Planning some downtime? As with the rest of WI-Website Vulnerability Scanning tools, the website Availability notification can be customized or even deactivated.

Are your websites trending into the red? Identify ticket patterns, overall ticket numbers, and ticket severity, through WI-Website Vulnerability Scanning various analytic and report functions. By taking a broad view of your website security over time, you’ll be able to better determine how to best allocate

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